Over 70 Million Americans Suffer From a Sleep Disorder
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common, yet often undiagnosed sleep disorder. It affects nearly 1 out of 5 men and women in America. People who have OSA stop breathing repeatedly during sleep because their airway collapses. As a result, air is prevented from getting into the lungs. This can deprive the brain and other organs of oxygen that is vital to long-term health. Read More
Drowsy Driving?
Clinical studies have shown a link between traffic accidents and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA is a common condition in which the upper airway repeatedly collapses during sleep, causing a decreased airflow along with disruptions in the sleep cycle. If left untreated, this condition may cause excessive daytime sleepiness, reduced oxygen levels at night, and increased risk of uncontrolled blood pressure, uncontrolled glucose levels, heart attack and stroke. Read More
You Are How You Sleep
The quantity and quality of our sleep impacts the quality of our daily lives. The National Sleep Foundation polls show a link between the sleep we get at night and the life we live during the day: how we see ourselves, how we relate to others, how we feel and perform on a typical day. Longer sleep time is linked to less daytime sleepiness and more positive moods and attitudes, such as feeling happy, full of energy, and relaxed. Less sleep is associated with more daytime sleepiness and negative moods/attitudes (e.g. anger, pessimism, fatigue, and sadness). Read More
Sleep…As Important As Diet & Exercise
Our 24/7 world offers many choices - and distractions. Staying up late to get more work done, searching the Internet, watching TV, doing chores, or even going shopping are but a few of the choices that compete with sleep. Sleep is a healthy choice - and it is as important as exercise and a good diet for a healthy life. Read More


Do you or someone you know experience daytime sleepiness and/or loud snoring?  Take the sleep quiz to see if you may suffer from a sleep disorder. Read More


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Dr. Eric Haeger is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and Family Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the National Sleep Foundation. His professional interests include Narcolepsy and Complex Sleep Apnea. Read More